• What is an e-mail marketing?

        e-mail Marketing (E-mail Marketing) is usually known as the marketing and licensing mailing list E-mail marketing.

    1. What is an e-mail marketing?

    E-mail Marketing (email marketing) is the use of e-mail clients with the audience a direct way commercial exchanges. But also widely used in the field of network marketing. E-mail marketing is a broad definition, any potential customers or clients to send e-mail can be seen as an e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing, however, this term is also usually involves the following aspects:

    1. In order to strengthen cooperation with businessmen, and now co-operation between customers for the purpose of sending e-mail, in order to encourage customers loyal to him or repeat business

    2. To get new customers and enable customers to immediately send a message for the purpose of repeat purchase

    3. In the e-mail sent to their clients to add other companies or the company's advertising

    4. Via the Internet email software to send e-mail
    According to U.S. statistics the company's well-known statistics, in 2006 the United States in an e-mail marketing spending about 40 billion U.S. dollars. Therefore, e-mail marketing continues to have great prospects for development.

    iContact is the best option out there for anyone who wants to send out email newsletters. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use interface, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.

    iContact is an easy to use email marketing service, surveying, autoresponder, and blogging tool that allows small businesses, non-profits, and associations to easily communicate online with their customers, prospects, and members.

    iContact starts at $9.95 per month and scales upward based on list size. They also have an Enterprise product for larger organizations that starts at $660/month.

    iContact has an easy to use interface and over 300 professionally-designed email templates. The application allows you to track the opens and clickthroughs on your emails, add a sign-up form to your web site, segment your list, and manage your subscribers.

    They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you. They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages.

    The company currently has over 15,000 customers and 100,000 users. The product is used primarily by small businesses but also has a number of Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Ford, Nissan, Super 8 Motel, and International Paper, and political campaigns like Barack Obama '08. The company is based in Durham, NC and was founded by Ryan Allis and Aaron Houghton in 2003.

    iContact is working to change the way businesses and non-profit organizations communicate online by making it really easy to manage all online communications from a single web application.

    If you are looking for any easy and inexpensive way to put your emarketing on autopilot and get great deliverability, check out iContact.

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