• Web Hosting buying experience

    Recently several of my friends asked me how many years of experience in Jianzhan would also like to build their own website, her spare time be summarized as follows Jian Zhan Wen want to be helpful to novice.

    Construction site must first locate a good site to build their own type and nature of the design is good web page; and then choose a meaningful, their favorite and easy to remember domain name space for upload files final application to successfully propagate. No know-how for the first two suspected person in this magazine. I would like to introduce is the final step in building the site - the choice of the web hosting that the space for choice.

    Buy website hosting should consider the following factors

    1, the speed is the first of the
    Speed optical fiber directly into their positive than those used in low-speed ADSL lines to connect the independent host much faster.

    2, stability is very important
    Of course, in addition to speed, we have to note the stability of the network environment and security, such as service providers to purchase a gateway firewall, is there someone from the network 24 hours a day to monitor a variety of attacks on ... ... the host does not have the above conditions service providers even if their prices are cheap, they can not use.

    3, think about how much space you need to
    Virtual host server to provide the type of hard disk space is divided into separate webhosting , database space, an independent post office space. Virtual hosting space the size of the main basis for the amount of published information. If your site contains about 10-150 pages, page count related pictures, there are more than 100 KB, then you rent the space of 60MB or less. If the page more than a few hundred pages, and the need for database support, then you need the corresponding space should be between 100MB to 200MB. The lack of space actually required the difference to the service can be an important qualification to apply for additional space size; if a great start to buy space may not have access to always use so many can not afford to retreat back also, no doubt a waste of money.

    4, consider the terms of the virtual host software
    Virtual host servers generally use the Windows 2000/2003 (NT) and UNIX (linux) two kinds of server operating systems, both have their own strengths. But always call a variety of databases and the need for ASP web design company users, you can only use Windows 2000/2003 platforms, UNIX systems support the PHP.

    5, recognizing the virtual host location and price
    The server storage location is also a purchase be sure to carefully consider. If the site is outside the scope of information campaigns, then renting a virtual server in the United States is the best option. If the scope of publicity, mainly in China, it would lease a server node on the domestic telecommunications as the best. For the price-sensitive, as appropriate, may be.

    6, after-sales service is not in place
    Such as "Can not create e-mail," "can not access the home page," and so common after-sale problems, have a virtual host is probably a lot of friends frequently encountered. Some service providers will sell first, after-sales service is not very perfect, to remind the majority of friends to many many more to find the problem.

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