• Photo Exhibition results

       With the development of China's photography, photography exhibition art exhibition has become a colorful garden of a wonderful work, more and more loved by the masses. How to Run Film Festival, the process of how to exhibit the art of using scientific means to make the festival more ornamental, should rise to the festival organizers, curators and venues professionals attach great importance to China I have visited more than a great impact , higher-grade exhibition displays, the quality of their exhibit very worried about the poor.

        How to decorate for the display of the exhibition displays works, the exhibition project is an important factor. The quality of decoration work directly affects the quality of work and display results. The kind of one-sided view that as long as the work itself does not matter good and decoration the idea is not desirable. People have "two-thirds play Maung seven parts", which is also a photographic works display the same token, need to carefully decorated in order to emergent works charm.

        Decorated with photographic exhibition of works take many forms, the current international fashion, decoration method,brochure displays sydney one frame mounted platen care, this method is suitable for large-scale photographs, but also in the thematic film festivals and personal use of the films more, there are two cardboard box lined window mounted, the method used for small-scale photographs, a comprehensive festival actually use this method. In addition to the amount in full accordance with body size of the slices produced by platen mounted care, we are usually integrated art festival held in the general use of a square frame is appropriate because it is for a variety of compositions form (vertical, horizontal or square) of the photos are quite suitable. Should pay attention to frame a photo 4 weeks should be left enough space to show those who view an easy stretch of feeling, if four weeks is too narrow to remain too small, people would have a depressing feeling. Based on past experience, 16 inches (40cm × 30cm) photos, accompanied by 70cm square frame around the most appropriate, while the 24-inch (60cm × 50cm) photos, places 80cm square frame is better. Paperboard tone choices can not be ignored, a high-profile photo cardboard suitably dark, low-key photographs using light-colored construction paper and pictures of the middle of the depth of cardboard can be adjusted to apply to be careful not to use colored cardboard so as to avoid overwhelming and results. In the decoration process, we must master the technical essentials, photos, care should be mounted flat, cardboard window should be neat, as far as possible kung fu home to improve.

       Thematic film festival and photographic exhibition in general used the incident to the progress of the order or the order of creation era choreography. Exhibition hall large and long lines, to the best exhibit in a row, if the affected area and the exhibition hall-line length limitations, then the bottom two rows may also consider move-in, but to readjust the upper and lower two tone shades of shadow work contrast, shadow adjustment appropriate to the top of shallow, deep shadow adjustment should at the bottom in order to maintain relatively stable layout.

        Indoor hall light has two kinds of natural light and artificial light, the respective advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The greatest feature of natural light is natural, in line with people's visual habits, the downside is that direct sunlight will produce a strong glare of the spot, and because of the support or oppose the wall show a different, very different than the overcast sun, from the exhibition look at the overall effect of lighting, illumination uneven, and sometimes even affect the view of those who show emotions.

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